Attitude Determination &
Control Systems for SmallSats

our Mission

The Space Industry is facing the rise of SmallSats, tiny low-cost fast-developing spacecrafts. This leads to a demand for miniaturized attitude determination and control systems (ADCS), accurate, reliable, robust and low cost.

HIPPARCOS’s ADCS, based on 40-years experience of the Team, intend to provide the best answer to such a demand: their competitive advantages stem in the intelligence of the algorithms for attitude determination through a smart multicamera architecture, in the intelligent data fusion from multiple sensors and in sophisticated in-orbit recalibration procedures.

Our professional commitment is to deliver Accurate, Reliable, Robust and Low Cost  ADCS for your cutting-edge Enabling Technologies for NewSpace missions.

40 years


474 years

team’s age

90 percent


our Vision

To significantly contribute to enable reliable and competitive access to space for small satellite constellations equipped with our ADCS, targeting smart communication also to unserved and underserved communities, global monitoring of Earth and enhanced space observation.